WMH24 Service

bigstock-Cnc-Lathe-25156541Our service for you, “full-service-package” of WMH24
Our competent and qualified advice on all matters, buying or selling used machinery and tools, our portfolio of services is by no means exhausted, quite the opposite. From the experience of our activity we know, what questions of our customers has to be answered and what steps of processing has to be gone. We will send you a valuation report on individual machines or your complete machinery. Additional services such as geometry measurement, modernization or replacement parts service are taken for granted.

From financing to transportation – you can rely on our experience
If would like to buy a used machine and you are looking for a coherent financial offer, we will suggest you the suitable possibilities. Many of our satisfied customers have made in this way the right decision when it comes to the question, to enable investment capital or to use debt. Always been an important part of the total purchase or sale transaction is the logistics. For the shipment of used machines we have grown and tested contacts to hauliers who are well experienced in the segment of special transports, machinery movements and company removals.

bigstock-turning-lathe-in-action-8116771Dismantling, installation and commissioning – every movement is
Take advantage of our comprehensive service package, which includes dismantling at the seller, installation at the buyer, the assembly and commissioning of the used equipment on site. In order to integrate the acquired machines without downtime in current production, they must of course be installed professionally. Our competent partners guarantee that it works simply, the factory processes are not affected or even stopped and no costly working hours are wasted. We are already looking forward to your contact so that we can convince you of our services. Here you will find our used lathes and machining centers. Need used milling? Used machining centers can be found here. If you are looking for vertical machining centers, just click on the link.